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Self-awareness Coaching

self-awareness coaching

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Self-awareness is the starting point of leadership. Interestingly, research has found that even though most people believe they are self-aware, self-awareness is a truly rare quality: only 10%–15% of leaders studied actually fit the criteria.*

The good news: Self-awareness is a skill, not a static personality trait and each one of us can work towards enhancing our awareness. 

*Tasha Eurich - Insight

Learn the answer to "Who Am I?"



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Personality Assessment & De-Brief

Personality assessments help leaders to cultivate 'strategic self-awareness'.


That is, an understanding of - 

  • Your inherent strengths & areas of development 

  • The likely impact of your personality traits & behaviours on others

We use the Hogan assessment with leaders as the starting point. Once leaders take the assessment, we do a detailed 120 minute feedback session for them to gain deeper awareness & create a development plan. 

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Self-Awareness Coaching

Through 1:1 coaching, we ask leaders relevant questions that help them to both strengthen their self-awareness, as well as understand the impact that greater self-awareness is likely to have on their team, organization & overall results.


Enhancing self-awareness is not a one time event - it takes consistent focus, time, energy and the intention to cultivate the right habits.


A combination of 3 to 5 coaching sessions can help leaders do just this!

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Awareness into Action 

Greater self-awareness only creates positive change when it is combined with another important skill: self-management. Often, the most productive behaviors are often not aligned with our habits and our preferences. (If they were, we would not need to manage ourselves). 


We work with leaders to cultivate sustainable behaviours & habits to be able to regulate their emotions as well as manage themselves effectively. 


Typically, we recommend about 3 to 5 sessions - this could vary based on the individual and context. 




On a Video Call

Introductory call to understand and define  your goals, aspirations and challenges


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4-8 coaching sessions over a 3-6 months period


Continuous tracking of outcomes to ensure career success


What People Have To Say

Nikita you are a wonderful combination of brain, mind and soul. A true authentic self. Your workshops are engaging and fascinating. As they are well simplified yet meaningful, I have adapted a few elements very well in my daily life, meditation is top of it. Thanks a bunch. I highly recommend exploring her workshops


- Fashion Designer & Stylist

Nikita has delivered very powerful, engaging and relevant wellbeing workshops for our leaders at a time when we most needed it. She is talented, creative, willing to go out of her way and delivers excellent quality work. Our leaders/employees enjoyed the session. 


- HR Leader, Mastercard

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