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You can celebrate VALENTINES DAY at work too! Here's how!

Facebook and Instagram are full of Valentines day posts. Valentines day is trending on Twitter. However, I'm sure most of us at this moment are spending our time AT WORK. So I wondered what's the best way to spread the happiness, love and positive energy of Valentines day at work? So, here goes: 

1. APPRECIATE wholeheartedly - Tell people what you love about them, how they inspire you, and what you really appreciate about their behaviour or the work they do... but remember, be authentic! (and of course, within your boundaries!)

2. Feel AND express GRATITUDE - Research indicates that of the 50,000 thoughts we have in a day, close to 80% (i.e. 40,000) are negative. This obviously means we also spend a significant amount of the work day either complaining or feeling frustrated... let's use this day/this week to count our blessings at work, and trust me there are a lot! One of my favourite ways to count my blessings... my natural feeling on most days is "WHY AM I ALWAYS SO OVERWORKED?" Today, I decided to close my eyes and feel thankful that I am trusted with doing good work, and therefore, tend to be over-worked sometimes... whilst this doesn't mean one has to take on all the work, just feeling blessed for even being in a situation where you have abundance (and no lack) can make a huge difference!

3. Bring people TOGETHER - And what better way than FOOD! Even research has confirmed this. Research at the University of Oxford indicates that the more often people eat together, the more likely they are to be satisfied with their lives (even at work!). So, what's stopping you? Just order in, share food, and spread the warmth!

4. HELP someone - We normally celebrate days like these by expressing love to our near and dear ones. An often over-looked aspect of celebrating love is actually helping people, and being their for them... not only our spouses and close friends/colleagues, but anyone who needs it. This Valentine's day/week, why not get together with some colleagues and go out to help people who are in need? You can just do this for one hour... After all, service is truly the best form of celebration!

5. Last, but not the least - SELF-CARE - Self-compassion and self-care is also a great way of expressing love... of course, I don't mean stop working or don't meet deadlines. However, you can take out time to take those mid-day breaks, eat your meal without staring into the laptop, spend sometime with friends/family in the evening, and so on.

Wish you all a Happy Valentines day at work. Keep smiling, feel grateful, love your work, and spread positivity TODAY and ALWAYS!

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