Nikita Singh

Organisational Psychologist, Leadership consultant and Wellness Coach

My journey

I have close to 9 years of experience working across diverse industries and over 10+ countries.


My journey began in my undergraduate university days (at HR college, Mumbai) with a global non-profit for which I led the Mumbai chapter. This experience made me realize that even if an organization got its vision and strategy right, people could make or mar it.

This made me want to explore a career in People, Leadership and Organizations. This was my first experience of having to make a career choice. I had the option of continuing in the direction that a Commerce and Finance graduate would conventionally pursue. At that point though, I envisioned a career that would involve enabling people to be at their best.

I took the path less trodden and continued to work at the global non-profit (AIESEC) by taking on leadership roles at a National and Global level. My challenging 14-month stint as Global head of Talent Management (in the Netherlands) led me to ask myself, “How can I make a positive impact on others’ lives in corporate India just as I did for a collection of global youth leaders?”. And this propelled me to pursue a Masters in Organizational Psychology at The LSE, followed by a career in Talent Management & Leadership Consulting.


I joined Korn Ferry in mid-2015, where I worked on a range of projects in the areas of Leadership Assessment & Development, Organizational Design, Talent Management and Reward. I was fortunate to with leaders who empowered me to manage relatively large projects early into my Consulting journey. I didn’t think of myself as a person who would work independently, so I was surprised when the thought of moving out to pursue my own venture crossed my mind.

When and why did this thought occur to me? - I began to see interlinkages between my work in Leadership Assessment/Development (at KF), with my passion for Wellness and my skill in areas related to Career branding/management. This energized me to take the intrepid call of moving on to my independent venture, albeit with nervousness and uncertainty about the future would unfold.


In the last 2 years, I have pursued work in the three areas I am passionate about 


-            Leadership Assessment & Coaching

-            Well-being

-            Career Coaching



My clients include large Multinationals, start-up organizations and consulting firms. I am particularly passionate about working with first time leaders, mid-level leaders, entrepreneurs and women leaders.